Room Service

Welcome to our new room finder service!
If you would like to book a hotel room, maybe a family room or a studio or apartment you may wish to use our very personalized service.
Here, you don't just see ticked boxes to see what is available - you can specifically ask for things you want – like a wish list e.g. 'countryside location, for family of 3 with access to buses, with kitchen' or 'apartment for 4 with sea view with safe balcony for a child, with a reception desk for information'.

Just use the Contact Peli Message Box below and let her know your needs.

We do our best to find what you would like in the area of Kissamos Bay whether it's a honeymoon suite, family reunion or a quiet place for being creative.
We can also arrange airport transfers or a hire car at the airport, a welcome pack for making hot drinks with biscuits. Just ask!

Contact Peli Message Box


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