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During your stay you may like to have a health treatment from David and Juliet.

Now, when you come here you won't find that we include treatments in our price because not everyone wants it, but we often find that our skills come to the fore in checking for food allergies, helping to reduce the itchiness of a mosquito bite. These are just things we do routinely, often without charge – just part of our caring for you.

However if you come to us for treatment, Dave offers Kinesiology and counselling and Juliet focuses on relaxing massage and a Kinesiology technique to give relief from stresses and shock. You may want to speak with both of us to help you decide what is best for you. Then we find what will be most effective treatment we have: maybe Kinesiology energy moving treatments or a simple technique for relieving shock and traumas, counselling or a massage.

david and flowersDavid is a trained Kinesiologist and Reiki / Seichem master and member of Tera-mai Association. He makes and uses essences, including flower essences. Juliet is a qualified to give aromatherapy massage, Lymphatic Drainage massage and basic Kinesiology. She is a Sivananda yoga teacher and a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists.


Dave's work focuses on the cause of health problems as well as solution. He accesses this by Kinesiology. This is a way of looking at your body through its electrical systems. It identifies what is happening to your body through the discipline of muscle testing.

Treatment varies; it could be via nutrition, by energy work, flower essences, by physical manipulation, or by sound. Dave may recommend changes in how you perceive life.He gives you the time to talk through how such changes can work successfully for you.

For common health issues we have information for you to take away, so you can continue to help yourself – and help others.

Kinesiology treatment session of up to one and a half hours: 50 euros

juliet Massage & Kinesiology Stress treatment

Aromaterapy Massage
If you just want the luxury and sheer pleasure of flowing touch, massage is available. Juliet is a qualified practitioner of massage, aromatherapy and basic kinesiology. She listens carefully to you to get a good understanding of how you feel. Using pure essential oils she makes a unique choice of oils purely for you. Her massage has been described as ‘the only spiritual massage I have ever had’. Often healing sleep is experienced at the end of the massage.


Lymphatic Drainage Massage
It is a really relaxing massage of about 1 hour. This massage is a gentle touch to encourage circulation of fluid within the body It is very good for the immune system and 'difficult' skins. No oils are used.

Full body massage/Lymphatic drainage massage 60 - 90mins: 50 euros

Stress treatment
There's a simple Kinesiology technique for removing stresses and shocks from life. It doesn't matter what sort of trauma or shock it is: - whether it be a car accident- where you feared death, or watching your child fall from a playground swing or recovering from a physical accident or hospital operation. It allows colour to return to a life dulled by shock, removes pain and gives more physical movement where there are restrictions.


It's a quick treatment costing 25 euro for up to 30 minutes.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage 60 - 90mins: 50 euros

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