Low Sexual Desire

I have not seen this topic addressed in other homeopathic journals – but decided to be brave and write about it in hopes that homeopathy might help those women (and their partners) who decided to seek help.

Every time I “take a case” – that initial interview that takes about 2 hours. I inquire into the level of sexual energy and whether there are any problems in that sphere. About 90% of the women relate that they have very little or no sexual desire. Of course there are many reasons why this may be happening. Fatigue, hormonal imbalance, marital or psychological issues, illness and many more I won’t go into each of those but instead tell you that I have seen the right remedy make a difference in sexual energy levels for women.

Usually in conjunction with an improvement in general energy and well being. Actual reports of unexpected lifting of fatigue giving extra energy for the forgotten pleasures of sex have been great to hear from women who had become indifferent to the thought of sex.

Low Sexual Desire

It’s about balance

I definitely see low sexual desire as a sign that the vital force should be stimulated toward balance. Conventional medical doctors will actually prescribe a woman the male hormone, testosterone, to stimulate libido – but I feel that this is a risky and unnatural type of treatment. With homeopathy it is almost always the constitutional remedy that will reach the vital force best – and the vital force within knows best how to create the hormones and energy needed. The constitutional is the remedy that best fits the person’s totality of symptoms. I will name a few remedies but it is best to leave the decision to your homeopath, as objectivity is essential in this health issue. Each woman has a different set of symptoms and homeopathic treatment is always individualized.

Common remedies known for low libido, lack of orgasm and even frigidity are:

Sepia – indifferent toward loved ones, irritability, draggy feeling in abdomen. Feels better from vigorous exercise. Chilly, hungry and constipated. Only useful if it is your constitutional remedy. Post partum depression.

Silica – thin, underweight woman with timidity and low motivation, weakness, orgasm may be absent.

Natrum Mur – low sexual desire due to repressed emotions or grief. Can have marked vaginal dryness. Depression and wants to be alone to cry – can’t let go and release feelings.

Agnus Castus – also known as Vitex – or Chaste Berry in the herbal form – Indications homeopathically are: marked weakness – exhaustion, loss of energy and drive and aversion to sex.


I have been getting a lot of unsolicited e-mails advertising Homeopathic sexual potency medicines and Homeopathic orgasm gels made by a pharmacy I have never heard of. Have you gotten these e-mails? Annoying! But well, again (just like with sleep disorders) I find while taking people’s cases that more than half of women have very low desire and enjoyment in their sex lives and that many men do not have the potency that they feel is healthy. Our homeopathic books do have many references to remedies for these kind of symptoms as part of their therapeutic picture. Instead of taking testosterone or just living without a vital sex life a person should consult a homeopath who would employ constitutional remedies. The remedy chosen will fit the whole person, including the sexual symptoms, so that the vital force will be stimulated to full health.

Sexual Health for Men

When I studied Homeopathy in England in 1976 I contacted an Indian homeopath in London. I was looking forward to sitting in on his consultations and learning from him.

When I met him he told me that his practice consisted mainly of treatment of men with “performance problems in the bedroom” and that sitting in on his homeopathic interviews would not work out.

This was not very interesting to me anyway – and I went off to spend 6 months sitting in with homeopathic doctors at the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital like Ralph Twentyman and Marjorie Blackie. But before I left the Indian doctor’s office I asked him what remedies he found most helpful for his patients.

Here are a few details – added to from many different homeopathic literature sources.

Agnus Castus

I mentioned this remedy in last month’s article on low female desire. This remedy stands out for male problems also. In ancient times Agnus was used in its herbal form to suppress desire in men and women. And centuries ago by monks for the same reasons. Impotency and premature old age where the male organs are relaxed and cold. Useful in those advanced in years, who in their youth have carried sexual indulgence to extremes, and who, while physically impotent, are mentally excitable as in early life. History of gonorrhea.


Impotence with mental depression, relaxation of organ during sexual excitement. No emission and no orgasm during relations. Absolutely flaccid organ, often described as resembling a wet dishrag. Lascivious thoughts but unable to have even the slightest erection.


Impotence with a psychological overlay, lack of confidence, fear and expectation of sexual failure; impotence from sexual excess. For impotency in men though they have increased desire. Nash states that happy results have been obtained from its use by old men who, on marrying young wives, have found themselves impotent, the result of age. Scores of old men and physicians have verified the truth of the use of Lycopodium for this condition.

Other remedies to consider – Phosphorus – impotence though has irresistible desire. Selenium – if there is weakness after having relations. Phosphoric Acid – if fatigued and drained. Argentum Nitricum – sudden laxness of organ when relations are attempted.

The art of homeopathy includes knowing how many doses and which potency to use. This can dictate whether the treatment is successful.

Though it is best to be treated with the remedy that fits the totality of a person’s symptoms and then expect to be healthier overall – one can use remedies like the ones described above acutely – perhaps trying 1-3 doses of a 12C or 30C in the hour before you want performance enhanced.

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