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Welcome from David and Juliet to West Crete Holidays on the web. You can choose from an exciting range of yoga and other activities as a means to spiritual and physical well being. In addition we also offer various therapies such as reiki and aromatherapy. Or you may prefer to use us as a base for a peaceful holiday in beautiful and pleasant surroundings.

While visiting us it is possible to have therapy work. A number of holistic therapy treatments are available – Reiki/Seichem, kinesiology, massage, shiatsu and nature essences are regularly available. Click on Treatments for more information.

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We hope you enjoy our web site and if you have any queries please check with Jilly and Debbie at our agent, Free Spirit Travel +44 (0)1273 564230 or ‘CONTACT US’ on the Main Menu – thank you!


yoga courses

Our special interest holiday prices include tuition, accommodation in comfortable en-suite rooms and taxi transfer from Hania Airport. We hold an evening welcome party dinner for our guests on the first or second night. We provide breakfast and lunch for courses that run a full morning and do not include an evening session, for yoga holidays we provide a big vegetarian breakfast after early morning yoga sessions.
To view the full list of activities that are available throughout the year, please click the link below to launch our Activity Viewer. When the pop-up window appears with activity list, click on individual course titles for a detailed description.

Pool at Astrikas

Walking in beautiful countryside

Please be aware that occasionally we may make amendments or additions to this list of activities, so please check regularly.


During your stay with us you may like to have a health treatment or perhaps a Reiki/Seichem initiation. David and Juliet frequently work together on health related issues.

Reiki and Seichem Costs

Reiki 1 £80
Reiki 2 £95
Reiki 3 (master) £300

Seichem 1 £120
Seichem 2 £140
Seichem 3 (master) £360

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a way of looking at the body through its electrical systems, such as meridians or nadis. It is good at pinpointing what is happening with your body through the discipline of muscle testing. It deals with a wide range of health issues and is perhaps best known for identifying food intolerences and digestive inbalances (e.g. irratable bowel syndrome).
We personally realised some of Kinesiology’s wide potential when Juliet’s previously diagnosed under-active thyroid condition was identified as a hypothalamus problem. As a result, Juliet is no longer perpetually dependent on thyroxine hormone treatment.

What is Reiki/Seichem?

Reiki and Seichem use universally available energies channeled through the practitioner. It is a form of spiritual healing. Some people can channel energy without initiation but initiation is a standard route to open oneself to be able to do so.
Cost per treatment: £35 or €50

Reiki and Seichem Initiations

Both Juliet and David are Tera-mai Reiki and Seichem master/teachers though usually David will give initiations. Initiations invariably connotes opening oneself to change and to spiritual exploration. These are available each week. Please inform David before your holiday starts that you are interested in an initiation.



Juliet is a qualified practitioner of massage, aromatherapy and basic kinesiology and has been practising for more than 15 years. Her style of massage responds to the individual needs of her clients covering physical, emotional, mental and spiritual concerns as expressed by the client. Pure essential oils are used and a unique choice of oils is made for each client. While the massage is relaxing, Juliet sees her massage style as holding open a space for the clients to help heal themselves, asking the universe for guidance and deliverance.
Cost per treatment: £40 or €55

local area

Local Area

Our holidays are based around the rural Bay of Kissamos outstanding for its long quiet strand of golden sandy and occasional shingle beaches. The sea is clean, warm and shallow making for easy swimming. Kastelli/Kissamos serves the local agricultural population and is a seaside resort attracting Greek tourists in July and August. It has banks, cafes, tavernas, a hospital and post office. On the edge of town is a lovely beach called Mavros Molos featuring cafes accessed directly from the beach. There are umbrellas and sunbeds if you wish and showers for when you’re done. Beyond the coastal plain the backdrop is mountainous, the area being broken into gorges and craggy peaks. This provides for many easy grade walks, the chance to see birds of prey, vultures and wild flowers and old rural ways like treading grapes.

There are wonderful beaches on the west coast – we particularly like Falasarna which is only a ten minute drive from Kastelli and, further away, Sfinari. Gramvousa Island and Balos Bay are worth the boat trip for their stunning white sands and bright turquoise waters.

There are many villages in the hills with their churches, some with richly decorated screens and other artifacts of interest and spectacular views across unspoilt countryside. One of the churches in Spilia has a wonderful cave church of St. John the Hermit with long views across the bay to Hania and the Akrotiri peninsula. Kastelli and its environs is a good base for exploring further afield including the sites at Agia Triada and Festos.
You can choose any grade of walk from the gentle to the really taxing: Sirikari, Mouri and Deliana gorges are all easy to walk and the latter has griffon vultures. The famous Samaria Gorge (right, © Keith Littlejohns) is within easy reach (please ask for details).

Hania (town) is a walled city with 8,000 years of history, a Venetian harbour, Turkish quarter, quaint narrow streets and markets. There are plenty of shops and bustle, in great contrast to the peace of country life.

These are just a few of the attractions that West Crete has to offer.

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